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Storing Your Spartan for the Winter
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2023 is winding down, and if you haven't already mowed for the last time this year, you may be getting close. When you are ready to wrap things up, here are a few tips to not only prepare your mower for the upcoming cold temps but also to get it ready to mow again next spring.


If your blades are in great shape, you’ll only need to sharpen them. Here's how:

  1. Hold the blade in place and remove the ⅝” bolt at the bottom of the blade spindle with a 15/16” wrench.

  2. Utilize a bench grinder, or angle grinder with a sturdy vise to sharpen the blades. 

  3. Follow the existing bevel and only sharpen the blades from the top. 

  4. DO NOT grind the blade down past ⅓ of its original depth.

  5. Lay each blade on a flat surface to ensure that it is flat after sharpening. Any distorted blade must be replaced.

  6. Reinstall the blade, torquing the bolt to 115-120 ft-pds. The curved section of the blade must point up and into the mower deck.

  7. Do not reuse any hardware that is cracked, flattened, stripped, or excessively worn.

  8. Spin the blades manually before any mower operation to ensure that they will not hit each other or any other part of the deck.

If your blades are like most, it’s really time to replace them with Spartan OEM blades, available at your
local dealer. Below are some basic steps for replacement:

  1. Place the mower blade onto a vertical ⅝” bolt and observe any imbalance. Always correct imbalances before reinstalling them. Balancing tools can be found at most hardware supply stores, and are the recommended method for balancing blades.

  2. Install the blade, torquing the bolt to 115-120 ft-lbs. The curved section of the blade must point up and into the mower deck. 

  3. Do not reuse any hardware that is cracked, flattened, stripped, or excessively worn.

Spin the blades manually before any mower operation to ensure that they will not hit each other or any other part of the deck.


Lubricating your Spartan Mower before storage is essential. Use an SAE multi-purpose grease for lubricating the deck lift block, anti-scalp wheels, deck idler pulley, pump idler pulley, as well as any other moving parts as instructed by your owner’s manual. 


When the mower will not be used for extended periods, it is best to disconnect the battery and store it separately from the machine. The last thing you want to do is jump on your mower in the spring to discover a dead battery. Since it is very important to keep your battery fully charged during winter months, you may want to hook it up to a trickle charger designed to charge a battery for a long period of time by slowly adding a charge. Look for trickle chargers with automatic shut-offs so that you don’t end up overcharging your battery. 

  1. Disconnect and remove the battery from the mower.

  2. Clean the battery, connectors, and terminals of any debris or corrosion.

  3. Charge the battery, if necessary. Always keep the battery fully charged, especially when the temperature is below freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit).

  4. Store the battery where it will not be exposed to extreme temperatures or water. A cool, dry place is ideal.

Note that lead-acid batteries produce flammable and explosive gasses. Provide proper ventilation and DO NOT expose the battery to any kind of flame, arc, or ember. Battery posts, terminals, and related items contain lead which is known to cause cancer and reproductive harm. 


Keeping your mower clean is always advised regardless of what time of the year it is, but it's especially important when it comes to storing your Spartan for months at a time.

  1. Clean the mower using mild soap and water, removing all grass, dirt, and trash. Make sure to remove all caked on grass clippings that have accumulated on the underside of the deck. Rotting grass can become acidic and eat away at the paint and metal.

  2. Clean both the top and the bottom of your deck. 

  3. Do not pressure wash the machine. 

  4. Avoid washing the control panel and electronic components with excessive water.

  5. If you have access to compressed air, you can use it to assist in removing unwanted debris. 

  6. Touch up any spots where the paint has worn away and bare metal is exposed.

  7. Check the mower for any components that need to be replaced and order them from your authorized Spartan Dealer.


Be sure to always use extreme caution while executing all operations involved hauling of your Spartan mower. Use only a single, full-width ramp. Do not use individual ramps for each side of the machine.

  1. Utilize a trailer that is properly rated to haul the weight of your mower.

  2. When loading and unloading, make sure the ramp angle does not exceed 15 degrees between the ramp and the ground.

  3. Make sure the control arms are in the neutral position.

  4. Engage the parking brake.

  5. Block the wheels.

  6. Unload the mower, storing it in a clean, dry place that is protected from the elements.


Once your mower is moved to its winter hibernation location, the last thing you will need to do is prepare the engine for dormancy. Draining the fuel or using a fuel stabilizer is critical as fuel can become stale after 30 days, damaging various parts of your engine. Be sure to follow these guidelines as well as instructions from your specific owner’s manual:

  1. Drain the fuel into an approved container.

  2. If you are not going to drain the fuel from your engine, a fuel stabilizer must be used. 

  3. Add the stabilizer according to instructions. 

  4. Run the engine for two minutes to circulate the stabilizer throughout the fuel system.

  5. Run the engine until it stalls from lack of fuel. 

  6. Change the oil and oil filter while the engine is still warm. 

  7. Replace the fuel filter if it hasn’t been replaced in the previous 200 hours.

  8. Remove the spark plugs and pour a teaspoon of clean engine oil into each spark plug hole.

  9. Replace the spark plugs, but do not reattach the leads.

  10. Crank the engine with the starter several times to distribute oil throughout the cylinders.

  11. Clean cylinders, fins, blower, housing, and muffler to remove dirt and chaff.

  12. Wipe the exterior of the engine with a clean oily cloth.

  13. Ensure that all caps are secure.


These tips are just a few things that you can do to prepare your Spartan Mower for spring and warmer temps. If you don’t have the time, or you need some assistance, be sure to call your local Spartan Dealer. Our professionally trained mechanics can give you advice and can even take care of the dirty work for you, ensuring your mower is ready to rock and mow next spring! When you take care of your Spartan, it will take good care of you!

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