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RZ Series

Spartan's RZ Series includes residential favorites that are perfect for homeowners with up to a couple of acres. Built with the same structure as our larger models, their 7-gauge decks and tube frames are forged from premium steel. Customize your ride with deck width and power options as well as a range of accessories.

The RZ-C features a 4" deep deck that allows it to maneuver easily in tight spaces. Available in widths of 42" or 54", the RZ-C still has plenty of size, which combined with three engine options provides Spartan's defining power and performance to homeowners.

The RZ model has a 5" deep deck, 22" Carlisle Turf Armor bias ply tires, and a Tuff Torq 400 transmission that allows a 9 MPH top speed. Deck widths are 54" or 61" with three engine options to customize both power and performance.

Spartan's RZ-Pro is also available with a 54" or 61" deck and 22" Carlisle Turf Armor bias ply tires, but upgrades include Tuff Torq's 450 transmission with a charge pump and external hydro filter that can be changed.

The RZ-HD steps up to Parker wheel motors and 22" rear radial tires. Parker's are 100% hydraulic with no gear reduction, meaning more power can go to the deck since it requires less power to drive. Radial tires operate with less air pressure, so they are softer, allowing for a smoother ride and increased traction.

The RZ-HD has been so popular within Spartan Mower Nation that we decided to release an upgraded version for 2024. The all-new RZ-HD Blackout combines the performance of a heavy-duty residential mower with the unique styling of our top-of-the-line KGZ-XD Blackout. 

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