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Spartan Mowers and the NEW Vanguard Oil Guard System
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Driving ahead of the industry once again is Spartan Mowers with their revolutionary Vanguard Oil Guard technology. Increasing oil change intervals from 100 to 500 hours could be the only reason you will need when choosing Spartan as your next mower. The less time you spend changing oil, the more time you will have to cut grass.

The Vanguard EFI Oil Guard was developed to reduce downtime associated with engine oil maintenance requirements. Owners will benefit from a 60% oil maintenance cost savings per unit and season, virtually paying for itself. The Oil Guard System not only improves productivity, but ensures that the new “TOOL-FREE” oil changes are cleaner, faster and easier. Vanguard utilizes an easy fill cap and integrated Vanguard Oil Guard Filter, which takes a short five seconds to replace. Amazing!

Increasing the oil tank capacity from two quarts to six, the life of your mower exceeds that of any competitor. The oil tank also serves as a huge oil cooler, keeping the temperatures low, eliminating catastrophic engine failure. Low oil operation is the NUMBER ONE CAUSE of catastrophic engine failure. The Vanguard system virtually eliminates this disaster, producing cooler operating temperatures and better oil filtration. The larger oil tank also increases the “off-angle,” capable of sustaining a 45-degree continuous operation, as opposed to the typical 25-degrees.

Every Spartan Mower prompts the user with an oil change advisory message at 100-hour intervals. This console timer simply needs to be reset every 100 hours, serving as a reminder to check the oil level. When the 500-hour point is reached, change the oil. As with any mower, it is recommended to check the oil level prior to each use, regardless of the hour meter.

Vanguard prides itself in matching the right engine to the right equipment. But it goes beyond that. Vanguard makes sure the engine and equipment work in concert to deliver maximum productivity. This is why Spartan’s new Vanguard Oil Guard is leading the pack, setting new innovative standards year after year. The Vanguard EFI Oil Guard System is now available on the Vanguard 37.0 Gross HP** EFI BIG BLOCK powered Spartan SRT and RT mower models. Vanguard’s practical, innovative solutions have resulted in unparalleled products. Better oil means a better engine. A better engine means a more reliable mower. A reliable mower means a satisfied Spartan owner. Become one today!

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