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How To Let Reviews Guide Your Zero Turn Mower-Buying Process
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When you’re buying a zero turn mower, there is a lot of noise and confusion that can make it seemingly impossible to know which one to purchase! There are several great mowers on the market, but there are also some not-so-great models you need to steer away from. The last thing you want is to spend your hard-earned money on a disappointing mower. It would be terrible to get home, only to discover you’ve bought a mower with an engine that’s too small and hard to maintain, requiring frequent oil changes every time you turn around! Is the mowing deck too narrow or wide for your yard? Does it lack user-friendly options that could have made the mowing experience more enjoyable? With years of combined experience, Spartan Mowers and their growing dealer network can answer these questions. They are confident that they have the right model for you, and can help you to choose the exact mower that best meets your needs.


With the variety of options on the market, it can be difficult to select the right mower and features that meet your lawn care needs. With so many confusing reviews and opinions, it’s important to know what questions to ask, and what to look for when choosing the right one. We’ve narrowed down the list, eliminated the fluff, and have 10 straight-to-the-point, must-ask questions when purchasing a zero turn mower:

1.    Does this mower come with a warranty? What are the warranty specifics?

2.    What is the estimated lifespan of the mower?

3.    How frequently does the oil have to be changed, AND what are the other recommended maintenance requirements?

4.    What is the fuel tank capacity?

5.    On a scale of 1-10 is the ride ease (1) or rough (10)?

6.    Is the seat easily adjustable? Is it adjustable at all?

7.     Can you change the mowing deck height on-the-go?

8.     What roll-over protection does the mower provide?

9.     What engine size and mowing deck width do you recommend for my property?

10.  Does it have a user-friendly cockpit, with features that possibly include storage, cup holder, phone holder, 12v outlet, etc?

Getting direct answers to these important questions is a must when choosing which zero turn is right for you. You not only need to make an informed decision, but you also deserve to buy one from a company that stands behind the claims.


Dig deep and look for reviews that are unbiased. Don’t just limit your research to what specific companies are saying about their own products. Other reviews can be researched from satisfied/dissatisfied customers, as well as information from industry experts who look at all makes and models across the board. Here are a few resources to consider:

Reading about it is one thing, seeing and driving one is another. For a complete picture, Spartan Mowers encourages customers to go and test drive one for yourself – something you won’t be able to easily do at a “Big-Box” retail store. Right now you can drive one and register to win a 2019 RT-Pro powered by Briggs & Stratton at your nearest Spartan dealership. Spartan will announce the winner this spring at the grand opening of the new Intimidator Group headquarters, located in Batesville, Arkansas (exact time TBA). With a warranty covering the engine, deck, hydraulic drive and more, Spartan stands behind all of their products, providing the customer peace of mind when making a zero turn decision!


The less time you spend with maintenance issues (such as changing the oil and oil filter), the more time you will have to cut the grass. While some companies recommend an oil change every 50-100 hours, Spartan Mowers are head and shoulders above their competitors. All mowers come with GT Trac incline traction, a vibration control deck system, easy touch brakes, and an ergonomic cockpit -  all sporting the new, improved Smart-Ride technology package. If horsepower is what you need, Spartan engines have a range of choices, including the beefy Vanguard EFI/37 HP engine that travels up to 13 MPH.! This takes the phrase: “Eat My Dust” to a whole other level! For added performance, an option for the new Spartans is the revolutionary Vanguard Oil Guard System. This increases oil change intervals to 500 hours. Yes – we said 500 hours! The oil tank capacity has also been increased to six quarts, and serves as a huge oil cooler,reducing oil temperatures, limiting the risk of catastrophic engine failure. For more features and options click here.


Spartan Mowers is all about saving time and money, without sacrificing quality, power, or dependability! You will simply get more bang for your buck with Spartan! Your downtime associated with engine maintenance requirements is minimized. One huge reason people park the push mower and go zero turn is because time is of the essence. A zero turn not only cuts your mowing time in half, but it’s easier on your back and legs, giving you more time and energy to spend doing other around-the-house projects that need your attention. Spartan also offers many cost-saving options when it comes to accessorizing your mower, including many under $50.


Spending your money on a dependable zero turn mower, backed by a company you can trust, is a must! Buying one that meets your specific needs, with features and options that are leading the industry, is a win-win. After you’ve done the research and asked the right questions, Spartan Mowers guarantee they have the mower that is perfect for you. With less maintenance requirements, an easier ride, cost-saving technology - all in a mower built by a company you can trust, your purchasing and mowing experience will be enjoyable. Use our dealer locator to find a Spartan Mower Dealer near you, and see for yourself how easy it is to drive a Spartan.  We will not disappoint!

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