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Four Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing the Right Mower Deck Size
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There are so many choices out there when it comes to zero turn mowers. One of the biggest issues to resolve is the size of the mowing deck. The last thing you want to do is purchase the Spartan Mower of your dreams, only to find out it’s not a fit for your yard. So, before you go any farther, ask yourself these four questions to determine the “hand in glove” fit that you need! 

1. How Big Is Your Yard?

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While all of our Spartan mowers can tackle any yard, we do offer many choices that allow you to maximize your mower’s capabilities. If you have less than 1⁄2 acre to mow, you can probably get by with a 42” or 48” deck size like those found on our RZ-HD or RZ-C mowers.  If your yard is mid-sized (1⁄2 to 2 acres), decks that are in the 54” category typically work nicely! While most of our mowers are offered with this deck size, some models to consider include our KG-XD, SRT-XDe or our RT-Pro. For yards that are over 2 acres, most people choose 61” up to 72”. Again, we offer many models with these sizes - but some to consider include the KGZ-XD, SRT-XD and our RT-HD.

2. Can You Store It?

This is actually a question most people never consider. While we do sell a mower cover, many times owners wish it would fit inside their garage or utility building just for protection from the weather, as well as to reduce the risk of being stolen. 

3. How Much Time Will It Take?

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The amount of time you spend on a zero turn is a big deal. While our mowers provide the most comfortable ride in the industry, we all have other things that need our attention. If you’re in the professional lawn care industry you especially know that time is money and money is time. You need to be able to give your clients a clean, beautiful lawn in the shortest amount of time possible. OR It could be that you are retired, and time spent in the yard is something you can’t get enough of. Another thing that affects the amount of time it takes to mow are the trees, shrubs and other obstacles you have to mow around—which brings us to our next question:

4. What obstacles do you have to conquer?

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Just because you’ve purchased a mower with a larger deck does not necessarily mean you’ll mow faster. Many times a larger deck actually makes it more difficult to maneuver around the various items planted in the yard. If there are several landscape features to consider, a smaller deck would certainly make it much easier. The mowing path may not be as wide, but the maneuverability can make up for lost time.


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Our website currently has 11 models to choose from—and 10 of those have multiple deck size options. A cool feature you’ll find on our site is the compare mowers tool that will help you get started. One of the BEST things you can do is visit a Spartan Dealer and test drive one, as well as ask all of the questions you may have regarding horsepower, deck sizes and more! We are confident that we have the perfect sized mower for your yard, priced just right to fit your budget!

Get it right! Get a Spartan!

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