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Financing Options for Your New Spartan
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Are you tired of the old push mower? Or perhaps the small lawn tractor just isn’t “cutting it any more!” If so, Spartan Mowers has exactly what you need. We not only have an incredible lineup for you to choose from, but we also have options for financing your new mower!


1. Down Payment

The down payment is used directly against the price of the mower, and therefore it will reduce the size of the loan. A down payment gives the financing company cash upfront so that if the borrower were to default early, the lender’s losses are reduced. Oftentimes, especially with a lower credit score/marginal credit, putting a down payment or even increasing a down payment amount may be the difference between being denied a loan and getting one. A down payment in the recreation industry is traditionally anywhere from 10% to 20%.

2. Trade In

Trade in is when you have a mower you may be able to offer to the dealership in exchange for credit toward the price of the mower you are purchasing. Buyers can offset their loan with down payments other than cash. If a dealer takes an item as a trade, then the value of the traded item is directly deducted from the purchase price of the new item.

3. Credit Score 

Checking your credit score before you start your new mower search is paramount. Unlike mortgages or a credit card, you can usually get a loan for a zero turn even if you have bad credit. The catch is that you will end up paying more, a lot more. This is because it is much easier for a bank to repossess a mower if the loan is not paid than it is to repossess a house. Free services like TransUnion, Credit Karma,, or Experian can help you understand your credit profile. Once you have this information, you can then figure out if you qualify for the best loan rates. This table will help you understand where you fall in the credit spectrum:

Spartan is part of the Intimidator Group, and we have partnered with some of the most reputable financing companies in the U.S. to give you the options and flexibility to own the mower of your dreams. Here are some options that are available for your consideration. (Note: Dealer participation varies. Please contact your Spartan Dealer to get a more detailed quote and additional financing information.)

Spartan Mowers doesn’t want anything to come between you and your next zero turn mower. We are beyond proud to offer a product dreamed, designed, and engineered to be the best possible machine on the market and are confident you will find that our Spartan lineup is built better and stronger than the competition, all the while offering an unbelievably comfortable ride, great looks, and more value. 

Let us know how we can seal the deal and make your dream to own a Spartan Mower come true! For more information, be sure to check our the financing page.

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