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As a faith-based company, Spartan Mowers is driven to produce innovative, quality products, designed to give our customers time for what matters most. We strive to encourage others to take command in all aspects of life.


Time is precious. We are only allotted so much time on earth. Unfortunately in the mowing world, many people spend too much time on a mower when they could be devoting more time to their family or other hobbies and interests. Many people have purchased a mower that is either too small or too big for their yard size - or they spend tons of time changing oil and other related tasks, depending on the maintenance schedule requirements of old-school mowers. At Spartan Mowers, our dealers have the experience and professional staff ready to guide you to the mower that exactly fits your needs and your property. Our mowers are designed to perform well regardless of your landscape. With the available revolutionary Vanguard Oil Guard technology, oil change intervals are increased from 100 to 500 hours. The less time you spend changing oil, the more time you will have to cut grass. The Vanguard EFI Oil Guard was developed to reduce downtime associated with engine oil maintenance requirements. The Oil Guard System not only improves productivity and saves time, but ensures that the new “TOOL-FREE” oil changes are cleaner, faster and easier!


There is no reason to allow your yard to be in charge. Regardless of the size of your property, slope, contour, or other challenges, allowing yourself to be beat up and worn out when you mow can be in your past. Spartan guarantees that your mowing experience will be like none other you’ve ever had when you are on one of our zero turns. They are powerful, aggressive, and absolutely dominate any landscape. As far as power and speed are concerned, Spartan engines have a range of choices, including the beefy Vanguard EFI/37 HP engine that travels up to 13 MPH! Our mowers can mow four to nine acres per hour, depending on the model you choose. Zoom-Zoom! Mowing with one of our machines will bring a smile to your face, causing you to actually look forward to mowing - every time!


Don’t get stuck in a rut at a big-box store that only offers limited models and accessories. Spartan dealerships not only have many models to choose from, but offer many accessories that will take your mower to the next level. We have mowing-width options that range from 48-72 inches, and horsepower ranging from 24 to 37 horses. Other options you can choose from include engine type, cockpit storage options, hitch options, tire size, wheel type and more! You can even build your own mower on our customized website. Why be limited to the same-old-same-old mower when you can take charge and get the one you ACTUALLY need and want!

We are proud of our many dealerships located across the nation. Right now if you visit one of our open houses at a Spartan Dealership and buy a mower AT the open house, you will receive a free light kit valued at $179.99, or receive a free Spartan Shield if you buy an XD mower (XD mowers  already have the light kit). In addition, Spartan Mowers is GIVING AWAY a 2019 RT-Pro powered by Briggs & Stratton. Test drive a mower today at your nearest Spartan dealership to register to win. Spartan will announce the winner this spring at the grand opening of the new Intimidator Group headquarters, located in Batesville, Arkansas (exact time TBA).

Spartan Mowers and our family of dealers believe we exist to serve a purpose that is greater than us. Our commitment is to passionately pursue excellence daily, while placing significance on fostering a positive internal culture, displaying ethics in each decision we make, and improving our community. Take command and drive a Spartan today!

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