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For the new 2020 season, Spartan Mowers is rolling out our best mowers to date! Each one comes with over 25 ADVANTAGES that are setting new industry standards! Today let’s look at the Vibration-Controlled Deck, Change-on-the-Go Deck, XTF Deck Enhancement, and the EZ Debris Removal System.

Vibration-Controlled Deck

A top concern among avid zero-turn owners across the USA is that their mowing experience is not a smooth one - and can even leave the hands and arms feeling numb from all of the shake and vibration. With so many moving parts, we met this challenge head on and have engineered several new “vibration-controlled” components and features that you have to experience to believe! Spartan’s new Vibration-Controlled Deck System addresses this concern in 2020 with not only a shock absorber on the idler, but also a soft-start electronic control. This new soft start pulses electricity to the electric clutch, grabbing the belt gradually so that it doesn’t squeal. It also allows the belt to easily engage. It’s not just smoother - it also increases your belt and clutch life. You’re welcome!

Change-on-the-Go Deck

Traditional methods of changing the deck height include having to stop heaven and earth (as well as the mower itself) to adjust deck height. Not only does this impede progress, it is simply a pain. In 2020, our Spartan RZ-HD, RT, and SRT models feature a system where deck height adjustment can be made on-the-go. You simply depress the pedal, dial the desired numbered mowing level, and release the pedal. It’s just that simple - the way it should be!

XTF Deck Enhancement

Extreme Turf Flow (XTF) decks have been redesigned and enhanced to meet the spring, summer and fall mowing conditions in the lower 48 states. With dealers located throughout the USA, we realized the mowing conditions that range from high and low humidity, cold to warm environments, and high to low elevations can dramatically affect mower performance. With this in mind, our engineers developed the XTF deck that is basically a “one-size-fits-all” across the board - AND it comes standard on ALL Spartan models.

EZ Debris Removal

Old school deck cleaning/debris removal is typically achieved by pulling pins, removing the mowing deck, THEN cleaning it - only to have to struggle with realigning the mowing deck, reattach everything, and hope you get it back together correctly. Our new EZ Debris Removal “Advantage” features easy-to-open belt covers that can be opened around the perimeter of the deck, permitting EZ cleaning and blowing out the accumulated debris. Instead of dreading the process and only cleaning the deck once in a blue moon, this removal system allows you to keep your machine cleaner after EVERY use if you so desire.


Experience the Spartan Advantage on all of our 2020 models. These advantages, many that come standard on EVERY Spartan, set the bar much higher in the zero-turn mowing industry. Other brands may have similar features, but none are equipped with so many of these advantages. For more info, be sure to check out this video from our founder, Robert Foster. 

Find a Dealer near you and come test drive one for yourself! We know you’ll be impressed. To view all of our 2020 models in 360 degrees, visit us at

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