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David Jackson | About Us | February 04, 2021


August 31, 1830, an inventor named Edwin Budding received a British patent for the first lawn mower. Edwin was an engineer from Stroud, Gloucestershire, England. The idea came when he noticed a machine at a cloth mill where he worked which used a cutting cylinder to trim cloth. 


Inspired by the machine from the carpet mill, Budding began working mostly at night, even testing it only at night in order to avoid the curiosity of his neighbors. He was also fearful that his peers would make fun of his new-fangled idea. Through days and weeks of perseverance his concept became a reality. 

Spartan Mowers realizes we are riding on the invention and ingenuity of Mr. Budding. Through the years the mowing industry has produced more great ideas, and some not so great. Having a desire to make the best and be the best, entrepreneurs Robert and Becky Foster founded the Intimidator Group with the all-American, hardworking values that made their previous companies successful. Spartan Mowers is part of the Intimidator Group, and has expanded and grown beyond the Foster’s wildest dreams! They now own six companies: Intimidator UTV, Spartan Mowers, Bad Dawg Accessories, GroundHog Max, Gourmet Guru Grills, and eNVy Neighborhood Vehicles


We are beyond proud to offer a product dreamed, designed, and engineered to be the best possible machine on the market. The Spartan Mower line is available in the RZ, RT and SRT, which also includes the SRT Limited Mark Martin Edition. Like our UTVs and other products built within the Intimidator Group, we are confident you will find that our Spartan line is built better and stronger than the competition, all the while offering an unbelievably comfortable ride, great looks, and more value. Our products are handcrafted in Arkansas with American steel, muscle and workers. When you purchase Spartan, we want you to be proud that you purchased American-made. We sure are!

The Fosters may not have invented the mower, but as Edwin Budding persevered decades ago, the Fosters have also seen concept become reality, realizing that passion and persistence can make your ideas and dreams come true. Experience the Spartan advantage, and go test drive one at a dealer near you today!