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David Jackson | Models | February 24, 2022

When it comes to most mowers it seems you have limited options. Big box stores are the worst, providing one model or two and that’s it! What if you had the choice to build exactly what fits your specific needs? Imagine having the power to choose how wide the mower deck needs to be to fit your specific yard. Imagine having other choices like engine type, engine power, mower accessories and more! 

With Spartan you do have a choice! 

By using our online tool, the power is in your fingertips! Beginning with frame options, you then choose the series, the motor, the deck, then all of the accessories to customize your mower exactly how you like it. Once the overview is approved, a dealer will get in touch with you to finalize everything. 

It just doesn’t get any easier than that!

In addition to our “build your own mower” section, we also have a tool to help determine which mower type is best suited for your property. The online guide will ask for your yard size, type of terrain, grass type, obstacles that you have to mow around, and if your property is residential or commercial. You’re welcome!


Take command and combine the components and accessories you’ve always wanted in the mower of your dreams. Once everything is finalized, your new Spartan Mower will come straight from our factory in Batesville, Arkansas, with parts made in the USA, delivered to a dealer near you! Regardless of the specific features you desire in a mower, you can have exactly what you want! You build it, it will come!