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“Yes! It does come standard.” That’s what our dealers tell customers all day long! Normally the built in features we include on our Spartan mowers would be “add-ons” with other companies in the industry. And although there are accessories and upgrades available for all of our models, what comes “standard” will blow your socks off! 

Whether you buy a zero-turn, sit or stand-on mower, you will get a complete mower with many bells and whistles that we like to call “advantages.” We also set the bar very high when it comes to building a solid mower, made with an HD fusion welded frame and a 7-gauge American steel fabricated deck. And yes - MADE IN AMERICA.

When you look at any of our 2022 mowers, here are some standard components you will find, regardless of which one you buy:

In the convenience category…

You’ll find a keyless startup system, with a keypad that allows you to enter a personalized code for you, and more codes for anyone else who uses the mower. A “change-on-the-go” precision deck height adjustment dial, with shock-assisted deck foot lift. There’s also a convenient foot operated parking brake and an LCD display that displays clock, engine hour meter, deck hour meter, voltage meter, tachometer, oil life meter and more! The cockpits are ergonomic in design, equipped with a 12-volt outlet, and all units have solid anti-scalping wheels with grease zerks.

In the performance category…

Spartan Mowers are all about providing you a machine that delivers on all levels. Our mowers perform like none other in the industry. Our 2022 units come with a GT-Trac system, offering more balance and control, an anti-vibration control deck system with shock on the idler (excludes 42” series), a transmission that has charge pumps (except for the TT300), and a variety of engine options that are specifically matched with the mower. Our 2022s also come with front and rear radial tires on RT-HD and SRT models, as well as rear radials standard on RZZ-HD and above units. 

In the “You gotta be kidding me!” category…

We include a lifetime leading edge warranty on the XTF deck, a mower 3-year warranty, a company that stands behind all of our products, with dealers, technicians, and service professionals who do put the customer first! You’ll also find that our company owners, Robert and Becky Foster, not only own six companies headquartered in Batesville, Arkansas, but are very passionate about developing products that are made in America by Americans who love our country and love what they do!

So there you have it - just a few examples of what all of our 2022 mowers include in the base price. To see one and drive one for yourself, head on out to a Spartan Dealer near you today. You’ll see and experience what we’re talking about. And yes - it does come standard! 

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