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Buying Tips: Comparing Spartan Mower Models
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Purchasing a new zero turn mower is exciting, but we know it can also be overwhelming with all of the options like deck size, horsepower, upgrades, accessories, etc. To help you shop for the mower of your dreams, we designed an online tool so you can compare models and decide which Spartan zero turn best suits your needs and budget.

Our mower comparison allows you to select up to three mowers at once for a side-by-side glance at engines, drive lines, features, cutting deck, measurements, and warranty. Some specs to consider when you're shopping are the width of gates you need to drive through, dimensions of your storage space, and your trailer size. You'll also want to make sure you have a model that suits your acreage, terrain, and comfort level. Check out the features section to see which models come with full suspension seats and floating seat platforms to provide a more comfortable ride.


Our current lineup features features 11 models, but when you count all of the engines and deck sizes, there are many more options to choose from.

  • KGZ-XD

  • KG (KG-XD & KG-Pro)

  • SRT (SRT-XD & SRT-XDe)

  • RT (RT-Pro & RT-HD)

  • RZ (RZ-HD, RZ-Pro, RZ & RZ-C)

Once you decide on the model that speaks to you, jump on over to our “Build Your Own” section where you can customize a mower exactly to your liking. Then just submit the form to have a dealer in your area contact you with more info.

Comparing apples to apples is extremely important when buying a mower. That's why Spartan Mowers is determined to be your one-stop shop when it comes to finding your next zero turn mower. Contact a dealer near you today for a test drive!

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