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David Jackson | Advantages | October 27, 2022

Whether you’re a commercial cutter or a weekend warrior, we believe Spartan Mowers offers the highest quality machines, pound for pound and dollar for dollar on the planet. When it comes to mowing decks, ours is the best, hands down! With our new Enhanced Xtreme Turf Flow Deck System, the design - with added suction - enables it to mow all types of grass. The rounded front baffling follows the contour of the blades. The new decks also have a wiper to help deflect the grass out to prevent it from circling back into the chamber.


All Spartan Mowers have a deck fabricated from 7 gauge steel, not just the top end models. No light duty decks here! They also come equipped with solid, greasable anti-scalp wheels, sealed aluminum spindles - allowing for cooler operating bearings, as well as precision-placed baffle location that’s in tandem with the deck height, contributing to a perfect cut every time. The Spartan rubber chute helps prevent debarking of trees and marking or damaging anything the deck might come in contact with. These features and more are what gives Spartan the advantage over the competition!


In addition to the mowing deck, you won’t believe how comfortable and how stylish the new Spartan Mower is! Many of our models have these “decked out” features included:

  • KEYPAD - allows you to personalize your code to start the mower. It also has a push button switch for accessories like lights, electric chute, etc. The screen shows engine hours, PTO clutch hours, when to change your oil and light indicators for diagnostics. It’s your mower’s personal assistant!

  • SEATS - offer supreme comfort for an ‘all day ride.’ A three-inch adjustable seat made with Dymetrol® material, coupled with adjustable TecsPaks® elastomers under the seat platform offers a ride that’s above industry standard. We don’t compromise on comfort.

  • TECSPAK® - located under the seat, and are easily adjustable for 100-300lb operator weight to provide a smoother ride. This highly engineered elastomeric product absorbs more energy per unit of weight and volume than other models.

  • CUSTOMIZED LED HEADLIGHTS - standard on XD models, and available plug and play for all models. Mounted directly to the front of the mower, it’s great for finishing your last three rows at dusk and lighting your way into your trailer or shed.

  • 12-VOLT PLUG - not only a place for your phone, but a way to charge it or to power other 12V items.

  • STEERING ARMS - come standard on all RT and SRT models, and can be installed on ALL models.

  • RUBBER ANTI-SLIP FOOT MAT - helps reduce vibration from the transmission to the operator’s feet.

  • WIDE TIRES - provide a sleek style, giving our mowers a “stand-out” image all its own.

  • ULTRA-PREMIUM DYMETROL® ADJUSTABLE 3” TRAVEL SEAT W/ DIAL - features a dial in front of the seat that is easily adjustable for the operator’s weight. The high performance Dymetrol® fabric works like a spring and is comfortable, light weight, and durable.


Building from the ground up, we listened to what you were looking for and took the best features of the leading mowers on the market...clean, even cut, longest durability, most straightforward design, and strongest frame. We researched, and then researched some more. We found problems and fixed them. We tested, and then tested some more. The result is the Spartan, a mower we believe is the best possible machine on the market at the best possible price. 

Come test drive one at a dealer near you today!