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David Jackson | Made in the USA | February 04, 2021

Since the corona virus has wreaked havoc on the world, the impact has trickled down - even to the small business owner. Companies that depend on foreign manufacturing have especially hit a wall. From major car companies to mower manufacturers, the frustration (for most) has been growing. 

If you’ve been shopping for a new zero-turn and have experienced difficulties finding this year’s or next year’s model, perhaps now is the time to join the thousands who have realized buying products made in the USA is the way to go! Unlike several of our competitors, Spartan Mowers has experienced exponential growth over the past year. Some of this is certainly due to the quality and performance of our zero-turns; however, some growth is simply due to the fact that our products ARE made in the USA - right here in Batesville, Arkansas. We are rolling new units off the assembly line each and every day!


According to an article from the Washington Post, the virus threatens U.S. companies’ supply of (foreign)-made parts and materials. The article discusses how over four decades there has been a growing integration with the United States and the rest of the world. The pandemic has caused “economic islands” for many foreign countries. This inevitably hurts American companies that depend on outside sources for products and their parts. The Post also mentions that “Dayco, a maker of engine parts and drive systems in Troy, Mich., said it would need two years to qualify new U.S. suppliers and to secure the needed approvals from its customers to use them.”

Reuters recently reported that the shortage of Chinese parts has caused a $50 billion fall in February's global exports. “The world’s second-largest economy - and epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak that has spread to 75 nations - accounts for a fifth of global trade in intermediate products. Many countries rely on its manufacturing inputs,” Pamela Coke-Hamilton, director of UNCTAD’s division of international trade, told a Geneva news briefing. “There is a ripple effect throughout the global economy to the tune of a $50 billion fall in exports across the world.” 

Some of the United States’ best-known manufacturers such as General Electric, Caterpillar and the Big Three automakers, along with many smaller American businesses, depend on what is made in foreign factories. Now, they confront life without those items. 


Many of our competitors are finding that importing units from foreign soil is not easy. For this reason and more, there is no better time than now to get your new Spartan mower! For years we have been working to compete with industry giants. As a home-grown company, we have a tremendous advantage over our competition - especially when it comes to quality control, design implementation, and having the flexibility and ability to test components to make sure they are solid, sturdy, and dependable. 

Spartan Mowers is proud to offer products that are dreamed, designed, and engineered right here in the USA. We manufacture the best possible machines on the market, made with American steel, muscle, and workers. For personal to commercial use, Spartan Mowers are offered with many options, upgrades, and accessories for increased profitability and additional sales. You will find our mowers to be strong, with incredible design and comfort, unbelievable drive, all at an exceptional value. 

Built on a solid foundation, formed by years of hard work and successful strategy, our faith-based company is poised to dramatically grow and expand throughout the US like never before. We are driven to produce innovative, quality products, designed to give our customers time for what matters most. The Intimidator Group is the parent company for several brands, manufacturing Spartan Mowers, Intimidator UTVs, Bad Dawg Accessories, GroundHog MAX Disc Plows, Gourmet Guru Grills and Envy Neighborhood Vehicles. For more info, be sure to check out this video from our founder, Robert Foster. 

You will not find another mower anywhere else that will stand up to our standards and to our strength. Avoid the frustration and backorder nightmare and get your Spartan today! Test drive one at a dealer near you!