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David Jackson | Advantages | October 27, 2022

The last thing you need is to come home from a long day at work, only to endure a bumpy, loud, uncomfortable ride on your mower. Did you know you can actually ENJOY the mow? With a Spartan Mower you can! In addition to many “Spartan Advantages” that promote a smooth ride, our “Smart Ride Technology” sets our mowers above the competition. Middle and back Elastomer TecsPak®, as well as, front neoprene cushioning absorb any shock or jostling. This, along with our soft ride rear radial tires and our frame design with neoprene torsion bar, makes our mowers the smoothest riding zero-turns on the planet. It's like riding in a luxury sports car, and it cuts like a dream.


This year Spartan Mowers is rolling out zero-turns  that come with over 25 “ADVANTAGES” that will blow your mind! One area we focused on has everything to do with RIDE and COMFORT! Adjustable seats, stress relief pads and adjustable arms and more! Here are some of the features that will turn your mowing task into a mowing blast!


Comfort is king when you sit in our Spartan seats. This exclusive seat has been engineered to provide an unbelievable experience for an “all day ride,” with a dial to adjust to your specific weight. The old days of mowing with either a ride that has one seat setting that was welded at the factory - OR you have to jump through hoops, do the twist, push and shove to budge the seat are over. This ride is definitely above the industry standard.


For those of you who mow hours at a time, you know the stress and fatigue that your body endures can cause long-lasting effects. Spartan offers stress pads to keep the strain OFF, spreading the relief ON. With our stress pads, your arms, elbows, shoulders and neck will thank you! Stress relief pads are standard on all XD models and available as an accessory for the entire line. 


Most mowers come with standard length steering arms - making it difficult unless your arms are the right length for that “one size fits all” mower. Spartan’s Adjustable Arms are made to fit you! These easy-to-adjust steering arms are available on the RT- HD and SRT models, and  can also be installed on all models and an upgrade. 


Our suspension technology reduces the effects of uneven terrain, virtually eliminating shock to the mower chassis and to your body. This ADVANTAGE features a rear traction-enhancing custom Winamac Spring Suspension for better grip and a smoother ride. This will allow the radial tires to follow every little undulation in the riding surface. In other words, the springs allow the wheels to follow the contour of the turf. By allowing you to maintain speed while mowing, this suspension will increase your productivity by getting the job done faster. 


Good traction is key to a successful mowing experience. Our exclusive radial tires are engineered for better traction, as well as a softer ride on all RZ Pro models and up. One of the distinct advantages offered by a radial tire's two-part design is that flex in the sidewall isn't transferred to the tread, allowing for better traction, increased fuel efficiency, and reduced soil compaction and field damage (radials can have a 15-25% larger footprint than a bias tire). The radial tire allows the machine to transfer more power to the ground. All sidewall flex is transmitted to the tread. 


The less vibration you have on your zero-turn, the better your ride will be. All of our Spartan Mowers feature a vibration controlled deck system, with a shock absorber on the idler and “soft start electronic control.” This means it pulses electricity to the electric clutch to grab gradually so the belt doesn’t squeal. It not only creates a smoother ride, but it also increases your belt and clutch life. What an amazing ADVANTAGE!


Do you drive a mower that is so loud you are practically deaf when you finish mowing each time? Your ride will not only be quieter on a Spartan, but you will enjoy having a state-of-the-art mower that features a high end exhaust system that you simply have to experience to appreciate. 


Anyone can jump on a mower and begin cutting the grass - but unless it’s a Spartan, you aren’t getting the smoothest, most comfortable and quiet ride on the market. The ride is so incredible, you’ll feel like you are mowing the lawn in your recliner. For more information, check out this video that shows how awesome our mowers are! You can also come take a test drive and experience the difference today. Click here to find a dealer near you! 

Finish this summer off right on a Spartan Mower - and LET IT RIDE!