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David Jackson | Mowing Tips | February 04, 2021

Memorial Day seems to mark the end of spring and the start of summer. Summer can really be a stressful time for your lawn as the temps will rise and rain is less frequent. Keeping your lawn healthy and green throughout these hot days is very important. Here are a few tips from the pro staff at Spartan Mowers that will help:


Many parts of the country have enjoyed ample rain and the grass has been growing at a steady pace. As the temperatures rise in the coming months, many will tend to mow their lawns on the same schedule - perhaps once every 4-7 days. Lawn care companies tend to set their schedules for taking care of their customers on the same day every week. However with hot weather, you may need to consider mowing less frequently, giving your grass time to achieve a more desired cutting height. Letting the grass grow to a higher level will help provide the soil with a little more shade, allowing it to retain much needed moisture. 


Most of us fall into the habit of cutting our grass at the same height every time. Depending on the type of grass you have, during the summer it is recommended to set your mowing deck anywhere from 3 - 4”, trying not to cut more than ⅓” of the new growth. If you scalp the lawn, you could potentially kill  your grass. Mowing less frequently and not cutting as much off will really help boost the health of your grass!


It is generally recommended to mow early in the morning or early in the evening in order to reduce possible stress caused by the hard-hitting midday sun. Not only will your lawn thank you, but you will enjoy cooler mowing temps. 


Although watering the lawn is nice, it is not the end all to saving a lawn in the summer. Since lawns do require at least an inch of rain per week to stay actively growing, anything less means growth will slow and the color will fade. Since the grass blade is mostly water, it may come as a  surprise that without rainfall the lawn will lose its green color and most of its ability to grow all that much. If three weeks have gone by without rainfall, then a light watering can help keep your lawn alive. Once the moisture runs out, grass will shut down and go to sleep like a bear in hibernation. This is a protection mechanism and helps most turf withstand a typical summer. 

How well your lawn fairs will be dependent upon the initial health going into the summer. Late afternoon to evening watering is not desirable because disease issues can quickly develop, causing damage ranging from small to large patches. Watering times vary from the thatch thickness, sun to shade ratio, slope, and turf varieties. One can imagine that a sunny lawn with a thick thatch layer would require significantly more water than a thin, shaded lawn out back next to the woods. When in doubt, any water is better than none, but is not necessarily required in the big picture. 


There are several things you can do and not do to keep your lawn in great shape. These are just a few GENERAL tips. However, the best thing you can do is get to know your Spartan mower and get to know your grass. Every grass is different and what works for one type of grass may not be what’s best for the other type. 

For more detailed tips, download the Spartan Mowing Guide on our BLOG page. You can also visit a Spartan Mower Dealer near you if you have questions about Spartan mowers or any of our Spartan Mowing Accessories.