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David Jackson | Spring Mowing | April 09, 2020

Spring has just begun - and there’s no better time to upgrade to a Spartan mower than now! Our 2020 lineup comes packed with over 25 “advantages” that sets our mowers apart from the competition. If you don’t own a Spartan, here’s a HUGE reason why you should come test drive one today:

Spartan Mowers is GIVING AWAY a 2020 27HP RT-Pro powered by Briggs & Stratton. Test drive a mower today at your nearest Spartan dealership to register to win. Spartan will announce the winner June 1, 2020.

The RT-Pro with the 27 HP Briggs and Stratton engine will go to a lucky winner this spring! This mower, available with a 54" and 61" deck option, offers a dollar for dollar value that is a cut above the competition. Packed with the basic features that make Spartan stand out from the rest:

  • GT Trac - for the best incline traction

  • Easy Touch Brake System

  • Ergonomic Cockpit

  • Foot assist Easy-Lift Deck

  • Straightforward Design - for easy add-ons and maintenance

  • Vibration Control Deck System

This mower simply gets the job done whether you're on a half-acre lawn or on a football field.


Now that the trees and flowers are starting to bud, there’s no better time to get your Spartan mower out and give your lawn its first cut! Here are a few tips from our pro staff to help you get the professional lawn maintenance look without the high price tag. 


Now that things are warming up, the temptation is to jump on the mower and go. But before you give it a whirl, consider these small steps to help insure a great mowing season, and a longer life for your mower:

  • Spray off the mower

  • Clean underneath the mowing deck, removing debris/caked grass clippings...

  • Sharpen or replace the blades

  • Grease fittings

  • Change oil, oil filter, air filter

  • Check fluid levels

  • Check tire pressure

  • Check for anything that is loose or worn (bolts, belts…)

  • Check battery connection for corrosion and cable tightness on terminals


In addition to cleaning up your mower, it is also a good idea to give your lawn a little attention as well. Remove limbs and other objects that have fallen or blown into the yard during the winter months. It’s ok for some scattered leaves to remain, but if you have several piles of leaves, remove those as well. Consider weed eating and trimming up the edges before you mow the first time. Clearing the path for your mower, especially before the first mowing of the season, just makes good sense. It’s great for the lawn, and great for your mower! 


Most people believe that they must remove old grass clippings from their lawn before every mowing, including the first mowing. Others remove these clippings to make their lawn look cleaner. Did you know that leaving your clippings on the lawn can actually be beneficial? Clippings can help your lawn retain moisture and create needed nutrients as the clippings decompose. However, if the clippings are too thick or not decomposing fast enough, it is a good idea to remove them so that they do not suffocate the growing grass below.


Even if your lawn may not be at a consistent level, once you see the grass has started to sprout and grow, give it a cut. It is important to always follow the simple “one-third rule.” What is the one-third rule? This means that instead of creating a mowing schedule that is based on mowing your lawn on a particular day of the week, you only mow when needed and you never remove more than one-third of the blade of grass. 


Following these simple tips will help you kick the season off the right way, creating a lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood. With Spartan Mowers, it has never been easier to get the right mower to create a professional lawn for a great price. It is important to make sure your mower is actually compatible with your lawn. Not all yards are level and square. There are things to consider such as the size of your yard, grass types, the drainage and ditch areas and so forth. Make sure your mower is a match!


When January 1, 2020 rolled over on the calendar, many things happened. A new year, a new decade, new resolutions - and at Spartan, NEW MOWERS. You just won’t find a comparable zero turn anywhere. There are three series of Spartan Mowers you will want to check out as the new spring mowing season is here. The RZ Series, the RT Series, and the SRT Series. 

You can also see why Spartan Mowers are making an impact on the mowing industry by visiting a DEALER near you to see a Spartan up close and in person. Check out our DEALER LOCATOR to find a Spartan Dealer near you.