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David Jackson | Advantages | February 04, 2021

For the new 2020 line up, Spartan Mowers is rolling out mowers equipped with over 25 ADVANTAGES. These features are setting new industry standards! The advantages listed in this blog may seem like mere accessories - BUT we guarantee they will make your mowing experience much more enjoyable. Some would call these  bells and whistles. We call them “Awesome!” Check it out:


If you’ve driven a zero-turn very long, you have wished you had a way to pull a small utility or garden trailer. While mowing is obviously the primary function of our mowers, why not add the convenience of being able to multitask and serve in more lawn and garden applications? Our 2” receiver hitch comes standard on all RT and SRT models. Just think about all the possibilities.


ROPS stands for “Roll Over Protection” - and comes standard on all RT and SRT 2020 models. This system not only provides added safety and protection for the operator, but the fact that they can fold down allows you to load them easily in enclosed trailers and in other situations where there isn’t much headroom. Of course it is always recommended that you mow with the ROPS in the upright position, but the option to fold them down gives you an advantage that really comes in handy.


Standard on all models, our newly designed keypad allows you to personalize your code to start the mower. It also features a push button switch for accessories like lights, electric chute, etc. The keypad screen shows engine hours, PTO drive hours, when to change your oil, as well as light indicators for diagnostics. It’s your mower’s personal assistant!


You’re almost finished mowing, the sun is going down, and you wish you had a headlight for your mower. Now you do! Our new customized Spartan LED headlights are standard on XD models, and are available as plug and play accessories for all models. Mounted directly to the front of the mower, they are great for finishing your last three rows at dusk and lighting your way into your trailer or shed.


Not only do you have a place for your phone, but you also have a way to charge it. The conveniently placed 12-Volt Outlet also allows you to power other items as needed. This feature comes standard on all Spartan mowers - with the exception of the RZ model. 


Experience the Spartan Advantage on all of our 2020 models. These advantages, many that come standard on EVERY Spartan, set the bar  higher in the zero turn mowing industry. Other brands may have similar features, but none are equipped with so many of these advantages, AND our price point. For more info, be sure to check out this video from our founder, Robert Foster. 

Find a Dealer near you and come test drive one for yourself! We know you’ll be impressed. To view all of our 2020 models in 360 degrees, visit us at