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David Jackson | Advantages | July 16, 2021

For the new 2020 season just around the corner, Spartan Mowers is rolling out our best mowers to date! Each one comes with a combination of  “ADVANTAGES” that are changing the industry and setting the bar higher than any competitor!  As with anything that is constructed or built well, it all begins with the foundation. In this blog, let's look at the frame and deck!

HD Fusion Welded Frames

Our frames on all RT and SRT models are constructed from the same tubing as our frames on our 65 MPH Intimidator UTVs. Since Intimidator and Spartan Mowers are under the same company umbrella - when you find something that has proven to be solid and dependable in one area - why not incorporate that technology in another! The frames are engineered to meet the demands and punishment that mowers endure, able to conquer the most difficult lawns. Whether you mow a small yard or several acres, you can rest assured that this advantage is one that will ensure many years of dependable mowing. Spartan Mowers are built tough - there’s no doubt about it!

7-Gauge Steel Decks

Starting with our 2020 models, every Spartan Mower from $3,999 - $12,000 has a deck that is fabricated from 7-gauge steel. That’s right! All models use the 7-gauge steel! Most companies use a much thinner 10-gauge steel.  Ten gauge is only 0.179” thick, compared to 7 gauge which is 0.135” thick. This computes to a 24.58% difference and a 24.58% ADVANTAGE. Check out the competition and see the difference for yourself.

Vibration-Controlled Decks

New for 2020 on all Spartan Mowers we are using a vibration controlled deck system with a shock absorber on the idler and “soft start electronic control.” This means it pulses electricity to the electric clutch to grab gradually so the belt doesn’t squeal. It’s not just smoother - it increases your belt and clutch life. What an amazing ADVANTAGE!

The Advantage

Until now, no manufacturer has offered such quality components and expert engineering into a strong, innovative, comfortable, and affordable mower. Building from the ground up,  we combined the most sought after features in the market, clean, even cut, longest durability, most straightforward design, and strongest frame. We researched, and then researched some more. We found problems and fixed them. We tested, and then tested some more. The result is the Spartan, a mower we believe is the best possible machine at the best possible price on the market.  

EXPERIENCE THE SPARTAN ADVANTAGE. For more info, be sure to check out this video from our founder, Robert Foster. Test drive one at a Dealer near you!