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David Jackson | Advantages | February 04, 2021

For the new 2020 season, Spartan Mowers continues to receive rave reviews, as we have gone to the drawing board and are rolling out mowers that come with a combination of  over 25 “ADVANTAGES.” For this third blog in a series of eight, let’s look at the suspension, bearings, and the precharged pumps!

Spring Suspension

Why decide between getting your work done faster - or feeling good when you finish? New for 2020 on our STR models, our suspension technology reduces the effects of uneven terrain, virtually eliminating shock to the mower chassis and to your body. This ADVANTAGE features a rear traction-enhancing custom Winimac spring suspension for better grip and a smoother ride. This will allow the radial tires to follow every little undulation in the riding surface. In other words, the springs allow the wheels to follow the contour of the turf. By allowing you to maintain speed while mowing, this suspension will increase your productivity by getting the job done faster. 

Four AG Bearings

You will be blown away by  the blade stability and longer blade life as a result of our AG bearings. All Heavy Duty (HD) and Extreme Duty (XD) models feature four of these bearings in each spindle, along with a 1 ¼” shaft. The days of frequent spindle replacement due to inferior bearings are long gone! Your pocketbook will thank you. Your blades (which will should last much longer) will thank you!

Precharge Pumps (Hydrostatic - Steering)

Precharge pumps are on every model for 2020. This makes every hydrostatic drive so much smoother for precision control by eliminating pump cavitation. The hydraulic-based system allows for quick acceleration and smooth, controlled turns. The hydrostatic pump uses pressurized oil to move pistons in the hydrostatic drive system. The movement of the pistons transfers power to the hydrostatic motors, which then engages the drive wheels on your lawn mower. This produces a much smoother ride, and requires less maintenance, and lasts longer.

The Advantage

Until now, no manufacturer has offered such quality components and expert engineering into a strong, innovative, comfortable, and affordable mower. We researched, and then researched some more. We found problems and fixed them. We tested, and then tested some more. The result is the Spartan, a mower we believe is the best possible machine on the market.  

For more info, be sure to check out this video from our founder, Robert Foster. EXPERIENCE THE SPARTAN ADVANTAGE. Test drive one at a Dealer near you!