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David Jackson | Accessories | October 27, 2022


When it comes to mowing you want to make the most of your time. While using standard blades will certainly get the job done, why not go to the next level and get the most bang for your time and buck with the new Spartan Mower HI-LIFT Blade! The number one reason most people love these new blades is they provide more lift on weedy turf areas, creating better stripes. They are also an “all-condition blade” giving the best cut regardless of the turf. The intention of a high-lift blade is to purposefully expel the grass clippings out of the mower either into a bagging device, or more commonly - out the open discharge shoot of your mower. The high angle of the blade generates a lot of air circulation, which helps prevent most clippings from sticking underneath the deck - especially when they are damp. Our HI-LIFT Blade works in conjunction with all Spartan deck designs and sizes.



So - what’s the difference between high-lift and lower/standard blades? High-lift and low-lift mower blades use different degrees of curve on the ends of the blades to create different levels of suction beneath the mower. Low-lift mower blades perform well on dry, shorter grasses, while high lift blades work better in ALL conditions. High-lift blades have deeper curves on the ends, which create enough suction to circulate and expel the clippings. The higher air flow also helps prevent clogging when mowing tall or wet grass. A high lift blade is a unique style of blade designed with larger wind wings which increase airflow.

Spartan Mowers currently has HI-LIFT Blades in stock to fit every Spartan mower in every deck size. These blades are Duramatic blades, and are some of the sharpest in the industry, resulting in proven reduction of engine wear and improved performance! They are “Austempered” to meet strict industry standards of hardness and  ductility according to ANSI standards. They are made of high carbon 10B38 steel for long lasting performance and durability and are laser-trued for smooth, even grass cutting. If you don’t have a bagging attachment, our HI-LIFT Blades will work better with the discharge shoot open. Try our new “cutting-edge” blades for yourself! You can view all of our accessories online, and can purchase them at all Spartan Mower Dealerships across the nation!