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Preparing for Spring Mowing - Prepping Your Mower and Your Yard

David Jackson | Mowing | February 04, 2021


Your mower has been sitting idly during the winter months. Your yard has inherited limbs, leaves and other debris from months of harsh exposure. Following these basic guidelines to prepare your Spartan Mower and your yard for the first mow of the season will ensure months of mowing success!  


Whether you have a small yard or own several acres, the yearly task lies before you to get your property in shape. A healthy, clean lawn will not only make your yard happy, but your mower will thank you! Here are a few basic tips recommended by the Spartan professionals for preparing your yard for the upcoming mowing season:

  1. Remove excess leaves, limbs, and debris from your yard.

  2. Trim bushes and the low-lying branches on trees.

  3. Check to see if your lawn has areas that are compacted. A lawn aerator can be rented at your local rental center to fix this problem.

  4. Take a soil sample to your local county extension office to determine the extent of your soil's acidity. They will be able to advise you on how much lime per square foot you'll need, IF you need it. Apply the lime using a fertilizer spreader.

  5. Apply pre-emergent herbicides and/or pull unwanted weeds.

  6. Overseed if your lawn has bare patches. Five weeks after the grass germinates, apply quick-release nitrogen fertilizer.

  7. Once your lawn is ready, finish everything off by adding some landscaping detail to your beds. The use of heavy mulch will not only last longer, but will protect your beds better, as opposed to the use of lightweight mulch.

  8. To ensure you will have a thicker lawn, mow early and often. Don’t make the mistake of mowing only once a week in the spring. If you let the grass get too high before cutting it, you can stunt the roots so they can’t reproduce properly. Consider mowing every five days for the first six weeks of spring, depending on the weather.


For every Spartan owner, getting the most out of your machine is paramount! You will get more miles from your mower by following a few basic pre-season tips:

  1. Review and follow the owner’s maintenance manual instructions.

  2. Clean the mower deck using compressed air. DO NOT pressure wash the machine. Avoid washing the control panel and electronic components with excessive water.

  3. Change the oil and oil filter.

  4. Change the fuel filter and air filter.

  5. Check the hydraulic oil level.

  6. Grease fittings (deck height pivots, front wheel bearings, deck idler pulley, pump idler pulley and the anti-scalp wheel).

  7. Check pump and deck belt tension and condition.

  8. Check tire pressure.

  9. Tighten lug nuts on wheels.

  10. Ensure the battery is fully charged. Replace if necessary. Inspect battery connections.

  11. Inspect the blades. If they have several nicks and dents, consider replacing them. If not, sharpen according to maintenance guidelines.

  12. Visually inspect ROPS and mounting hardware.

  13. Fill the fuel tank with fresh fuel. If you didn’t treat the fuel in the fall, consider draining it first.

  14. Start the engine, running at half throttle for 5 minutes.

  15. Check steering control levers.

  16. Stop the engine and check for any leaks, loose fittings, loose bolts or pins. Tighten/adjust as necessary.


At every Spartan dealership, you will find a solid team of skilled professionals, willing and able to give you a helping hand when it comes to readying your mower this spring. For the maintenance tasks you don’t know how to do, don’t have time to do, or just need some basic advice to assist you in getting your mower ready, your local Spartan Dealer is just a phone call away. Harnessing the know-how from a company that prides itself in building these incredible machines from the ground up, is quite an advantage. For a full tune-up and multi-point inspection, schedule your service at your local dealer today.

Spartan’s goal is to “Be the best as they provide the best.” Leverage the skills of a Spartan service professional, and give your mower the TLC it deserves this spring!