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David Jackson | About Us | February 28, 2022

Not everyone has experienced being the most popular kid in school - much less the teacher’s pet. But for those of you who know how it feels to be number one, you’ll understand why Spartan Mowers has become the envy in our industry.


Our growth and popularity over the past several months has been unbelievable. Here’s some reasons why:


For years our umbrella company, the Intimidator Group, has proven itself in the mowing industry, the UTV industry (Intimidator UTV), the mower and utv accessory industry (Bad Dawg Accessories), and more. The company was founded in 2013 in Batesville, Arkansas. Each and every step taken over the years included the input and wisdom of countless designers and engineers who are tops in their field. Together they have helped nurture the growth of each business deliberately and carefully.


We are not the company that just has a good idea and throws something together! We are the company that is intentional and thorough. This is evident in the products we build and stand behind. After each prototype is built and tested time and time again, If it’s not solid or less than our standards, we start over until it’s right.


Our products are handcrafted in Arkansas with American steel, muscle and workers. When you purchase a Spartan, we want you to be proud that you purchased American-made. You can be confident that our all-American, hardworking values are conveyed through every fiber of our company. We also employ hundreds of Arkansans and have dealers all across America who care about our products and each customer. 

We are not a big box store. We are home grown and America proud!


It really is all in the details - and our details include features that come standard. You won’t pay extra for the HD fusion welded frame, keypad with personal code settings, 12 volt outlet, vibration controlled deck that you can adjust on the go, quiet ride exhaust, adjustable seats and more! As our vision, products, and company continue to grow and expand, rest assured our attention to detail, quality and affordability remains consistent. 


We are beyond proud to offer a product dreamed, designed, and engineered to be the best possible machine on the market. You can mow with confidence in the mower and in the company that stands behind each one. The Spartan Mower line is available in the RZ, RT, SRT, and KG models, to accommodate every customer, from personal to commercial use, and fit every price range. 

Get your Spartan Mower today - and be the top dog in your neighborhood this spring!