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David Jackson | Mowers | October 11, 2021

When it comes to buying a new mower there are a few things to consider before pulling the trigger. Where will you store it? How easy is it to maintain? Is it too big or too small for your yard? Will the dealer stand behind the sale? Is the company based in America? There’s definitely a lot of noise and confusion out there that can make it hard to choose the right mower. Here are some tips to help you cut through the clutter:


It’s extremely important to pair your lawn with the right sized mower. Is the mowing deck too wide or too narrow? Is the engine inadequate for your lawn? What obstacles do you always mow around? Do you mow on flat land or have to maneuver challenging hills? With Spartan’s Find Your Mower” section of the website, you can be sure to find the perfect fit for your application. Starting with choosing your lawn size, you’ll have other determining questions that range from types of terrain, grass type, and obstacles such as gates, fences and/or trees. Once you see the mower/s recommended for you, our Build Your Own Mower” section will then allow you to choose engine size, deck size,  horsepower, accessories and more.


Believe it or not, many mower manufacturers complicate the maintenance issue by making it difficult to change oil filters, oil, belts, remove the mowing deck and more. With a Spartan Mower you will find that we have gone the extra mile to make it simple to check levels, change filters and belts, making your mower-owning experience a great one. Be sure to raise the hood, seat, look under the deck, and get an idea for yourself how easy or difficult a particular mower would be to maintain.


Dig deep and look for reviews that are unbiased. Don’t just limit your research to what specific companies are saying about their own products. Other reviews can be researched from satisfied/dissatisfied customers, as well as information from industry experts who look at all makes and models across the board. 


 Once you’ve done your research, go to the dealership and ask questions. There is no dumb question - especially when it’s your money you’re fixing to spend. Here are a few to ask:

  1. Does this mower come with a warranty? 

  2. What are the warranty specifics?

  3. What is the estimated lifespan of the mower?

  4. How frequently does the oil have to be changed, AND what are the other recommended maintenance requirements? 

  5. What is the fuel tank capacity?

  6. On a scale of 1-10 is the ride ease (1) or rough (10)? 

  7. Is the seat easily adjustable? Is it adjustable at all?

  8. Can you change the mowing deck height on-the-go?

  9. What roll-over protection does the mower provide?

  10. What engine size and mowing deck width do you recommend for my property?

  11. Does it have a user-friendly cockpit, with features that possibly include storage, cup holder, phone holder, 12v outlet, etc?


Not everyone has a handy place to store their mower. Be sure to purchase one that will fit in your garage or your storage building. Whether it’s stored inside or out, we recommend purchasing our mower cover, which keeps the dust off, and helps to provide that extra layer of protection. 


Spartan Mowers is all about saving time and money, without sacrificing quality, power, or dependability! You will simply get more bang for your buck with Spartan! Your downtime associated with engine maintenance requirements is minimized. One huge reason people park the push mower and go zero turn or stand on is because time is of the essence. Spartan also offers many cost-saving options when it comes to accessorizing your mower, including many under $50.  


Spending your money on a dependable mower, backed by a company you can trust is a must! Buying one that meets your specific needs, with features and options that are leading the industry, is a win-win. After you’ve done the research and asked the right questions, Spartan Mowers guarantee to have the mower that is perfect for you. With less maintenance requirements, an easier ride, cost-saving technology - all in a mower built by a company you can trust, your purchasing and mowing experience will be enjoyable. 

Use our dealer locator to find a Spartan Mower Dealer near you, and see for yourself how easy it is to drive a Spartan. We will not disappoint!