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2024 Models: RT-Pro & RT-HD
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When you need power, size, and comfort without spending a small fortune, look no further than the RT Series from Spartan Mowers. 

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Key Features of the RT Series

RT-Pro & RT-HD
Weighing in at around 1100 pounds, the RT-Pro has 24" rear radial tires, an upgraded seat, a 9.5-gallon gas tank, folding ROPS, and a top speed of 12 MPH. The RT-HD features front radial tires, 24" rear radial tires, TecsPak bushings under the full suspension seat, Parker HTJ 12cc hydros, and a full commercial warranty. New for 2024, both models have upgraded spindles, magnetic pin height adjustments, and large cup holders.

Engine Options
The RT Series offers a variety of engine options, ranging from 24 to 37 horses. The RT-Pro features either a Kawasaki 24HP or a 27HP Briggs Commercial CXI, while the RT-HD comes with either a Kawasaki 35HP or a 37HP Vanguard Big Block EFI for the 61 and 72-inch decks.

Heavy-Duty Deck
Forged from premium materials, the 7-gauge steel deck is capable of withstanding rough terrains and heavy usage. Deck widths for the RT Series range from 54 to 72 inches. New for 2024, both models feature upgraded spindles to reduce damage caused by an occasional hard impact as well as a magnetic pin height adjustment for the de

Comfort and Control
Although the RT-Pro has a deluxe seat rather than the full suspension seat of the RT-HD, both models feature TecsPak under the seat and a 360-degree seat plate for added operator comfort. In addition, each model comes standard with adjustable steering arms, a foot-operated parking brake, and a foot-operated, shock-assisted deck lift.

Advanced Traction System
One of the standout features of the RT Series is its advanced traction system, which provides improved stability on various surfaces and prevents slippage. Whether you’re mowing on slopes or uneven terrain, the RT Series delivers consistent performance.

Enhanced Maneuverability
The zero-turn capability allows for precise navigation around obstacles, ensuring that no patch of grass is left uncut. This feature is particularly beneficial for properties with intricate landscaping or tight spaces. Other advantages include a 360-degree seat plate, adjustable steering arms, ergonomic cockpit, and foot operated shock assisted deck lift

Ease of Maintenance
Maintenance is a breeze with the RT Series. The mowers are designed with accessibility in mind, making it easy to perform routine checks and services. Features like the flip-up seat and easy-access panels ensure that you can keep your mower in top condition with minimal effort.

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Why Choose the Spartan RT Series?

The Spartan RT Series stands out in a crowded market for several reasons:

  1. Reliability: Built with high-quality components, the RT Series mowers are engineered to withstand rigorous use.

  2. Versatility: With various deck sizes and engine options, the RT Series caters to a wide range of mowing needs.

  3. Comfort: The emphasis on user comfort makes mowing more enjoyable.

  4. Innovation: Spartan Mowers continues to incorporate the latest technologies for enhanced performance and efficiency.

Get Yours Today

With its combination of power, durability, and user-friendly features, the RT Series from Spartan Moweres offers many advantages. For more information on this series or other models, visit a Spartan Dealer near you!

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