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| | September 09, 2019

Spartan Mowers has become the fastest growing Zero-Turn Mower company in history, and we know that it’s not just our products that have driven this success. Our dealers are our backbone.  As our reputation continues to build we are looking for dealers that represent the same values, quality, and work ethic to join the Spartan Mower family.   

If you hear our story and know our background, you will quickly see that the family of Spartan Dealers is just that. FAMILY! It's a selling point, it's a rarity, and it's something we are proud to hold true to. Intimidator Group, Inc. is family-owned and faith-based. Just ask anyone who works there - this company, the owners and the leadership, are passionate about caring for others, giving back, and leaving a positive footprint on this earth. Our goal is to enrich peoples' lives through world-class, value-added products and services. The best minds in the mower industry have built and engineered our product from the ground up. Improvements and changes to the machines happen on a regular basis. This product will continue to be an industry changer.

Spartan Mowers cares about our dealers. Our owner Robert Foster is available and involved with our dealers, and has built an effective communication network within the company that addresses all questions and concerns.  


  • Spartan Mowers is the fastest zero-turn mower manufacturer to go from a startup to where we are today - with over 25,000 mowers built and sent to our dealers!  

  • We are a young, hypergrowth company that will become and stay a top manufacturer.

  • Spartan's quick growth and innovative design continue to generate an industry buzz that keeps dealers' phones ringing and people coming in the door. 

  • We are still growing and changing and innovating the bring dealers the most cutting edge products on the market.  

  • Spartan Mowers are offered at a great price, with many options and upgrades, without sacrificing quality. From residential to commercial, there's a mower for anyone.

  • Spartan only uses top-quality, proven, and well-known parts vendorsSpartan uses a minimum number of service parts due to a high amount of share parts. This makes replacements and maintenance so much easier.

  • Our machines are Made in the USA with American Steel.

  • Our dealers are our lifeblood. We are here for your needs. Call, text, email - we are here to serve you

Spartan is constantly innovating to bring you the dealer the most cutting edge products and quality on the market. Increase your success over the competition; increase your profits. Do your research, drive a Spartan, and let's talk! 

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